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Company: CargoTrans s.p.
Web page (URL): http://www.cargotrans.net
Postal no.8321Fax
CityNovo mestoe-mailinfo@cargotrans.net
CountrySloveniaContact personursa
Burza utovara CargoTrans je Slovenska burza utovara, na trgu od 2001 godine, 8000 članova u 6 jezika, 5400 ponuda direktnih proizvodnja i špeditera pa i transportera kod interesi po zemaljama. Između 50 i 200 ponuda dnevno 1.7.2010
Languages for communication
Desired language of communication: English
Other possible languages for communication: Hrvatski
Service categories that user offers
Freight Forwarder (shipping), Truck transport: Tilt, Truck transport: ADR (Hazardous goods), Truck transport: Dump truck, Truck transport: Live stock transport, Truck transport: Hanging garments, Truck transport: Transport of cars, Truck transport: Container transport, Truck transport: Special cargo (heavy cargo/oversized), Truck transport: Towing service, Truck transport: other (eg: Removals…), Software & Internet (for transportat companies)
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